Sound Healing

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Group sessions - We have 3 different group workshops, please enquire.

Soundbaths - like the individual sessions you relax on a chair or on the floor and bathe in the sounds of the sacred instruments as they take you on a journey through your energy system.  We use Himalayan singing bowls, wind and earth gongs, crystal bowls and percussion instruments. 

Interactive sessions - have you always longed to be able to make a bowl sing?  or wanted to be part of a group making a soundscape?  this is your chance to learn, have fun and benefit from some healing as well!

Drumming circles - join in with the rhythms and release stress, tension, anxiety and emotional problems. 

Sound healing covers an array of different tools and instruments, from tuning forks to gongs, and many ways of experiencing them.

Individual sessions - this would involve you relaxing on a couch or chair like an energy healing session but the addition of the instruments makes it much more powerful.  The different harmonics have different effects on our bodies and can relax us or refresh us, be protective or expansive, tune us in or open us up.  Sessions are £40, or can be included in an energy healing session for no extra charge.