What is IBS?

Have you had to stay home from work, plan outings according to the toilet accessibility, spent hours in the bathroom in pain and embarrassment?  You are not alone! IBS is the most common gut condition and affects about one in ten people at some time. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is defined as a functional disorder of the intestine or the bowel.  This means that there is no physical abnormality of the digestive tract, but there is a disorder of how it functions - the over sensitivity of the bowel muscle causes it to contract too quickly or too slowly.  It is not a psychological illness or ‘all in the mind’, but evidence shows that stress and anxiety can aggravate it.


Symptoms of IBS vary, but usually include:

  1. Abdominal pain, bloating and wind

  2. Diarrhoea or constipation, or episodes of both

  3. Passing mucus when you open your bowels

  4. A feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel

  5. Reflux, nausea and vomiting, difficulty finishing meals

  6. Pellet-like stools, which may be accompanied by an urgency (rushing to the toilet)

  7. Dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse)

  8. Depression, anxiety and stress

While IBS can cause huge disruption and destroy the quality of life for those severely affected, it's important to know that IBS is not linked to life-threatening diseases.

Treatment and recovery using hypnosis

For a large majority, symptoms can be successfully managed by following our program of hypnotherapy sessions. The journey you are about to take is gentle, effective, safe and relaxing.  You may have chosen hypnotherapy as a last resort.  Perhaps you are so fed up with having to deal with the unpleasant and painful symptoms of IBS, you are ready to do something different.  Where better to look for an answer than your unconscious mind, the part of you designed by nature to keep you safe and well?

On this journey you will consider many thoughts.  Just why has the unconscious mind allowed you to suffer so long, if it is designed to keep you safe?  What kind of power does the mind hold over the body?

The programme was developed by Michael Mahoney over many years and is the best available with consistently excellent results.  Altogether there are 5 face to face sessions which will be recorded for you to listen to again at home.

Overview of sessions

Session ONE

This important foundation session allows you to take the necessary time to reduce stresses and apprehension.  IBS is not directly mentioned.  You will become familiar with the process and learn that you are in control at all times.  This session begins the process of reducing anxiety and developing calming thoughts, which reduce the negative thought patterns that trigger IBS physical responses.  Taking time out to learn to unwind will serve you well in helping to manage your IBS symptoms.  It will also allow you to begin to understand the benefits of allowing both mind and body to work together - towards your goal.

Session TWO

The second session begins to address the thoughts which create and re-stimulate the symptoms of IBS by teaching you, through creative imagery, to exercise control over your thoughts and to learn to control the speed of peristalsis which leads to a more normal bowel movement.  (Peristalsis refers to the movement of the digestive system.  You might imagine it as a wave going through a caterpillar’s body.  The movement of peristalsis propels the contents of the intestines through the digestive system).

Session THREE

You will again use visualisation to control the whole digestive process during the third session.  You will begin to take control and to mentally look for any areas within the digestive system where there is any pain or discomfort caused by IBS and to help reduce it while continuing to use positive thoughts.  We are all familiar with imagining negative things, by now you will be learning to think more positively and use these new positive thoughts to develop new coping strategies.

Session FOUR

You will now be guided to view the journey through IBS as one which is near an end, acknowledging struggles of the past, old thought patterns and allowing them to be released, thus enhancing positive thought patterns to guide you to continue moving forward.  While there is a memory of old thought patterns, we do not have to live in the past.  The moment that is most important is the current moment in which we live.

Session FIVE

The previous sessions are encapsulated and the positive affirmations of the program are reconfirmed in the final session of the program.  You are encouraged to listen to this session occasionally after you have completed the program, to optimise all positive learning, and you may also listen to any favourite sessions if you wish.  If you want to listen to the whole programme again, wait 8-10 weeks.

The total cost for the whole programme including one-to-one sessions and recordings to listen to at home, is just £160

Ring 07505503305 or email juliethill@blueyonder.co.uk for further information or to make an appointment with me, Juliet Hill


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