Hypnosis can be extraordinarily effective for situations such as exam stress, general stress, phobias, persistent pain, stopping smoking, muscle spasms, IBS, weight management, driving tests etc.  It offers other benefits as well, such as boosting the immune system and lowering stress and blood pressure.

A trance is an entirely natural state, and we go into trance several times a day (it is part of our learning process).  Clients usually feel they are not being hypnotised at all as they are fully in control and aware, but very relaxed both physically and mentally.  Be assured that this procedure is very safe, that your values and beliefs will prevent you doing anything you do not want to do, and that you can come out of trance any time you choose.  The worst that can happen is that you will feel too comfortable and fall asleep!

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Juliet Hill 
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Solution-focused hypnotherapy is effective for depression, anger and anxiety and anxiety-related conditions such as OCD, IBS and phobias.  Sessions are £40 weekly (expect about 8-12 sessions).  The initial consultation is free and you will get a free CD to listen to at home.