CBT and Brief Therapy

Counselling is a way of exploring feelings and gaining insights that can change your life.  Sometimes, however, your health may prevent you leading a normal life at all.  Depression can keep you to your bed, agoraphobia can keep you to the house, OCD can stop you socialising, anxiety can stop you assessing risks. 

CBT or Brief Therapy can quickly help you get back some control and successfully manage your life, often with astounding results.  We focus, not on your past but on your future, what your goals are, what you want from life, working with a range of issues but particularly anxiety and depression, identifying the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be contributing to your distress, with the goal of developing healthier coping strategies and more balanced, helpful beliefs.  Be prepared to be given simple tasks in between the sessions!

£40 per session.  Email info@the-haven-exeter.co.uk

We offer a free initial consultation with no obligation

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